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Mission Statement

"Be B.I.G"

B - Brave 

I - Intelligent 

G - Go All Out 


Allowing our players to be BRAVE in the decisions they make on and off the ball. 

Teaching our players the INTELLIGENCE to be aware of the situation that they are in on the field of play.

Support our players to GO ALL OUT and give 100% effort in the journey to becoming the best version of themselves as soccer players and people. 



We strive to provide a fun, challenging, safe, player-centered learning environment where all players can express their soccer talent on the soccer field. We aim to teach every player to excel and reach their true soccer level. We will teach our players to make the correct decision on and off the ball by creating a challenging training and in-game learning environment. Within this environment, we will teach each player to enhance their skill levels to the highest level possible while creating a respectful culture to allow the players to understand how to act on and off the pitch.


“Guide Every player to PLay soccer at the highest achievable level possible”

Teach every player in the club to enhance their all-round soccer skill level to the highest level possible. Create the ultimate learning environment to guide every player to play at the highest level they desire to play.  


“Provide the best coaching program”

Strive towards providing the best soccer program and environment possible at every given opportunity to all our players to install a winning, resilient, driven, competitive and creative mindset.

Playing Philosophy

“Play The Wizards Way”

Play a way that identifies our teams as playing soccer “The Wizard Way

When in possession/Attacking; We want to dominate possession by advancing the ball quickly through the 3rds and attack in the opposition half with high energy and high tempo.

We want every player to be brave on the ball and creative in their movement to end each possession with a shot at the opposing goal. 

Off the Ball/Defending; We want our teams to regain the ball quickly on loss possession as far high as possible.