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Training Update:

Winter Session '2' Starts - Monday Feb 1st 

Please see the below schedule for the 'Indoor' Westmont Yard Soccer Sessions + 'Futsal' Soccer Sessions

'Indoor' (Westmont Yard) Soccer Sessions will run from: 

Monday Feb 1st (to) Thursday March 25th  

'Futsal' (Hinsdale Church) Soccer Session will run from: ​

Monday Feb 1st (to) Friday March 19th 


**Please have your child attend the session you have been instructed to attend by the club. To request a change of session time, please contact Dean**

Thank you.


If you have any questions, please contact Dean:

630 770 0059

Further Dates in Future:

'Spring Break' Monday, March 29th till Friday, April 2nd - NO TRAINING

    Futsal Soccer Session  Indoor Soocer Session  Goal Keeper Training - Westmont Yard 


4 pm (till) 5 pm  U7,U8 Girls     
5 pm (till) 6 pm  U9,U10,U11 Girls     
6 pm (till) 7 pm  U12 Girls  U7,U8,U9 Boys U12's + Below 
7 pm (till) 8 pm    U13,U14 Boys + U14,U15,U16,U19 Girls  U13's + Above 


4 pm (till) 5 pm  U7,U8,U9 Girls    
5 pm (till) 6 pm  U7,U8,U9 Boys U8,U9 Girls  
6 pm (till) 7 pm  U12,U13,U14,U15 Boys  U10,U11 Girls U12 + Below
7 pm (till) 8 pm  U14,U15,U16+ Girls  U10,U11 Boys  


4 pm (till) 5 pm  U6,U7,U8 Boys + Girls @ Willowbrook     
5 pm (till) 6 pm    U7, U8,U9 Boys & Girls - In House Games   
6 pm (till) 7 pm    U12,U13,U14 Girls  U13's + Above
7 pm (till) 8 pm    U12,U13,U14 Boys + U14 Girls  


4 pm (till) 5 pm  U9,U10 Boys     
5 pm (till) 6 pm  U11,U12,U13,U14 Boys     
6 pm (till) 7 pm  In House Games (Coach James to confirm via email)     
7 pm (till) 8 pm    U12,U13,U14,U15 Boys   


4 pm (till) 5 pm  U11,U12 Girls     
5 pm (till) 6 pm  U11,U12 Boys     
6 pm (till) 7 pm       
7 pm (till) 8 pm   



Click on the above link for information about Joining US!!

Oak Brook Park District - Central Park North Fields, our new home that we are so excited to have obtained. For more information, please visit the official posting on this incredible news.

The Gold Standard in Youth Soccer

Wizard Football Club

The Gold Standard in Youth Soccer

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The Gold Standard

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Check out the great things that are happening as our thriving new club grows and learn why Wizard FC is the Gold Standard in youth soccer!

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“Playing with Wizard FC has been an awesome experience for my girls.  It is like an extended family.  My girls love their coaches and have been with the program for several years and have developed into good soccer players and disciplined and respectful individuals in general. The coaching staff is knowledgeable about the game and is concerned about the development of the “whole” athlete, both mentally and physically. Lastly, my family appreciates the various playing opportunities and experiences Wizard FC has provided.  We are thrilled we chose Wizard FC for our girls’ soccer journey!”

-L. Parker-

"As parents we want only the best for our kids.  The Wizard Soccer program has provided the absolute best for my son and his team. The growth the team has made developing their soccer skills is truly amazing, but the respect for the game and the teamwork taught in the Wizard program has exceeded expectations.  From the director, John Roberts, to every coach in the program, they truly care about these kids and also want the best for each one."

- Courtney Douglas

WFC has provided a consistently positive experience, complemented with monumental growth in skills, mindset and integrity. It includes the foundational seeds necessary for any player's dreams for the future. Most importantly, all players learn: how to lose, how to win, how to have fun, how to be an effective teammate and how to be a solid leader. If you are looking for measurable, real ROI for your soccer player's experience, this is it.

- Joan Fitzgerald Clopton